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Desert sands hold rocky opinions in individual granuals.  lf they all could speak, the sound would be deafening and yet nobody would be able to hear anything distinctly.  Confused chatter would be the result.  The Bible says to speak the truth in love.  Love molds the sound into definitive words which bring peace to our souls  and directs our lives.  The  Bible also says that when a man's ways please the Lord even his enemies are at peace with him.  The desert experience without love which is the water that shapes and molds, is as dust in the wind, moving wherever the wind carries it.  Ageless sands that cause the architect to surmise to try and make sense out of living gone by.  Ceaseless whirlwinds of activity that cover truth. 

Driving in real truth demands something more of every person.  Because every person affects his neighbor.  How are you affecting your neighbor?  How are you affecting yourself?  Everybody has an adversary.  Is your adversary forcing you to truth or are you agreeing with him?  When the sand is placed in your hands does it just pass thtough your fingers to dust?  Do you shape it and mold it into a useable item that successfully builds?  

The deserts of the earth if watered would produce life!  God is expecting the same from us as the Holy Spirit has been given. From the beginning,  He said to be fruitful and multiply.  Are you?

Modern Artwork
Adorn your home or office with inspirational oil paintings, sculptures, and plaques that contain a variety of eye-catching designs and images. These inspirational pictures are typically centered upon religious imagery, nature scenes, and other uplifting themes.

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Nothing helps you get through a stressful day quite like a good oil painting. Choose from an assortment of appealing abstract paintings, still life paintings, and landscape paintings.

Add an extra special touch to your surroundings with one of our abstract sculptures and statues. Most of our artistic sculptures are made from high-quality plaster, resin, and clay.

Inspirational Plaques
Our motivational plaques are made from clear resin and imprinted with unique designs and images to help you get through your day.

Inspirational Paintings
At Living Well, we carry an ever-growing selection of motivational paintings and posters that bring enlightenment and relaxation to your life. They are available in many different sizes—choose from framed paintings as small as 4" x 4" and ambitious murals as large as 16" x 20".

Inspirational Calendars
Start each day with an inspirational and uplifting image from our handy 365-day calendars. Our calendars are populated with gorgeous paintings and punctuated with a positive, motivational quote to help you feel better about yourself and your life. We also carry standard-sized 12-month calendars for you to hang on your wall.

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