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Have you ever been thoughtfully provoked to discover a thing for yourself?  After researching and searching a thing, your next words are, "oh, I see."  Your thoughts and how you understand or perceive things kind of go together don't they?  I was reading Psalms 19 and the Lord should me something that I want to share. 

When you see a letter written on a page, no one knows that you understand it, or perceive it until you speak it.  When I begin to speak God's word, my identity changes from the the static "I or me," to embracing His flow in my life.  I begin even to move fluidly, like water because His life flow begins to manifest through me.  My actions start changing. My thoughts start changing.  My words start changing as my thoughts begin to change. Phil 4;13  My focus begins to ask, God, what are you showing me?  I begin to direct my intentions into His life for me.  I begin to witness His life in me. 

A prince cannot be kingly unless he spends time with the King.  He must witness the actions of the King in his life and learn to submit to the authority of the King if he is ever to begin reigning graciously as a King.  He must have visitation rights to the King's presence in order to gather and collect the precepts and commandments to be pleasing to his King so that the King can trust him as his messenger when the King needs to send a message to His people.  He must be certain that His assignment will be carried out.  And even when he is not assigned, his life must witness his calling, his royalty.  He must constantly check himself to make sure his life is right in the eyes of his King.  He must submit himself in prayer and bend his knee in honor to the most High God so that his fear of not pleasing him is comforted. Psalms 8:3-9 And he does not lose sight of his victory in hearing and seeing and perceiving what his King is speaking to him. 

Because he has fashioned and formed in a image (not his own but a kingly one) when people see and hear him, they must know and have no doubt and say that he is in fact, sent from the King himself.